Grand Canyon River Float

May 16-25, 1993

This was a 10 day river rafting trip that Tom experienced with his dad and his brother, Greg. This trip was actually sponsored by the Kactus Kickers hiking club in Phoenix. Tom flew out from Houston to Phoenix, where everyone gathered real early for a long bus ride up to Lee's Ferry on the Colorado River, just a few miles downstream of Page, AZ. Hatch River Expeditions provided the rafts, and boat captains, the cook, and all the meals. We basically just showed up and enjoyed a wonderful 10 days of scenic views of the canyon from the bottom looking up. We also made several day hikes up some of the beautiful side canyons. The photos here really don't do it justice. You really have to see it in person to get the full impact of the canyon. By the way, the following photos are all copyrighted material. Please, feel free to download pix for your own personal use, but NOT for resale or for use in advertising without my expressed written permission. Thank you.

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./photos/gc_river_float/gcfloat_r01_f03.jpg    ./photos/gc_river_float/gcfloat_r01_f05.jpg    ./photos/gc_river_float/gcfloat_r01_f09.jpg

./photos/gc_river_float/gcfloat_r01_f15.jpg    ./photos/gc_river_float/gcfloat_r01_f17.jpg    ./photos/gc_river_float/gcfloat_r01_f18.jpg


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./photos/gc_river_float/gcfloat_r02_f05.jpg    ./photos/gc_river_float/gcfloat_r02_f13.jpg    ./photos/gc_river_float/gcfloat_r02_f16.jpg

./photos/gc_river_float/gcfloat_r02_f21.jpg    ./photos/gc_river_float/gcfloat_r03_f00.jpg    ./photos/gc_river_float/gcfloat_r03_f04.jpg

./photos/gc_river_float/gcfloat_r03_f10.jpg    ./photos/gc_river_float/gcfloat_r03_f16.jpg    ./photos/gc_river_float/gcfloat_r03_f24.jpg

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./photos/gc_river_float/gcfloat_r04_f20.jpg    ./photos/gc_river_float/gcfloat_r04_f22.jpg    ./photos/gc_river_float/gcfloat_r05_f09.jpg

./photos/gc_river_float/gcfloat_r05_f29.jpg    ./photos/gc_river_float/gcfloat_r05_f36.jpg    ./photos/gc_river_float/gcfloat_r06_f02.jpg

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./photos/gc_river_float/gcfloat_r06_f10.jpg    ./photos/gc_river_float/gcfloat_r06_f17.jpg    ./photos/gc_river_float/gcfloat_r06_f19.jpg

./photos/gc_river_float/gcfloat_r06_f21.jpg    ./photos/gc_river_float/gcfloat_r07_f01.jpg    ./photos/gc_river_float/gcfloat_r07_f18.jpg

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