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2000 Vacation in Sedona 2000 Trip to Disney World 1999 Thanksgiving in Ohio 1999 Vacation in Hawaii 1993 Grand Canyon River Float 1992 Vacation in Vail
2005 Vacation in Sedona 2004 Snowfall at Christmas 2004 Vacation in Sedona 2004 in Puerto Vallarta 2003 Christmas in Ohio 2002 Christmas in Texas 2002 at Del Lago, TX 2001 Manitoulin Island
2008 Vacation in Sedona 2008 Manitoulin Island 2008 Galveston in July 2007 Thanksgiving in Sedona 2007 Manitoulin Island 2007 May Vacation in Sedona 2007 Spring Break in Bandera, TX 2006 Hike in Grand Canyon 2006 May Vacation in Sedona 2006 Spring Break in Puerto Vallarta
2010 Thanksgiving in Sedona 2010 Spring Break in Puerto Vallarta 2009 Christmas in Ohio 2009 Nov. Vacation in Sedona 2009 Manitoulin Island in August 2009 Galveston in July 2009 Lake Conroe in June 2009 Spring Break in Puerto Vallarta
2013 Spring Break in Bandera, TX 2012 Thanksgiving in Sedona 2012 July 4th week in Colorado 2012 Spring Break in Puerto Vallarta 2011 Thanksgiving in Sedona

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The Hill Homepage is coming to you from the metroplex surrounding Houston, Texas. This homepage consists of several family photos taken during some of our vacations over the past few years. This homepage was built using a text editor and a few sample go-byes from others who happened to use an early version of Frontpage. Since I don't have Frontpage, and I'm too cheap to buy it.... I use notepad or wordpad and a reference book on HTML commands, which my brother sent me for my birthday in summer of 2001. For over 10 years the menu system for this website utilized FRAMESETS in HTML4, which unfortunately were omitted from HTML5 and therefore do not function under most browsers such as Firefox, Safari, Opera, Chrome, and later versions of Internet Explorer. During spring break 2013 there was finally some free time to revise the menu system of this website to be compliant with HTML5.

The purpose of this homepage (as I see it) is to provide a means for our relatives and friends to see what were up to, and to keep in touch. For the rest of you.... please feel free to laugh at my webpage design and/or view my source code for ideas of how NOT to build a webpage. If you hover the mouse arrow over any of the above menu selections, you should see a vertical dropdown menu of selections for various webpages. If you don't see that, then it is likely due to not having active content (javascript) enabled.


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