Christmas in Ohio in 2009

Date of last edit = 07/01/2010

We spent the Christmas and New Years Holidays with Elizabeth's folks in Ohio. The temperature was below freezing much of the time. It was too cold for jogging, so Tom got exercise by shoveling snow out of the driveway on several occasions. Our cars windshield washer fluid froze solid so we were unable to easily wash the windshield, without scraping it clean from the outside. While in Ohio, we also drove across the state line into Pennsylvania to visit with friends Paula and Judy. During our Holiday in Ohio, we also did some shopping in Akron, watched some college football bowl games on TV, and Elizabeth helped Marjean with some house cleaning. Overall it was a very relaxing time to share with family and friends.

A slideshow of Christmas Holiday photos can be seen by clicking here .

The living room at Marjean and Tap's house
was nicely decorated for the Christmas Holidays.

Katie Beth and Jeremy enjoy spending time with Marjean.

Katie Beth and Jeremy enjoy spending time with grandparents.

Katie Beth, Elizabeth, Jeremy and Marjean
squeeze onto a sofa designed for two.

Tap and Tom are basking in the warmth of the fireplace mantel.